April 12th, 2023

I am a senior developer for a company in the insurance industry, currently focusing on database and web technologies.  I love programming and it’s challenges…there are so many!  There is nothing quite like seeing an application you’ve written be useful to others, and preferably something they enjoy using. I author and maintain several web applications, Windows services and databases.

As much as I love programming, I love my kids more.  They are the greatest gift from God, and watching them grow and learn is simply amazing.  Hug your kids everyday!

I started this blog as a creative outlet.  Programmers tend to be lacking in that department, although I have seen (and probably written) some pretty “creative” code over the years.  I have also read and scanned countless blog posts, some of which were actually helpful.  I want to return the favor, and offer insight to someone trying to find the solution to a problem.

I’m always open to new ideas and opportunities, feel free to drop me a line anytime using jeremy [at] tolsdorf [dot] com.  Yes, the email address is a little different to avoid the spam spiders that crawl around the Internet, but I think you get the idea.  If not, then just leave a comment!

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