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September 27th, 2009 No comments

tripitAbout a year ago, one of my best friends introduced me to an awesome travel web application…TripIt (  The service is free and really amazing.  They provide a single resource for all of your travel information.  Simply forward your confirmation emails to them and they scrape important information and automatically import it to your itinerary.  It’s just awesome.

I used to print my confirmations just before we left, which worked fine until I lost them.  Then I would decided to save all of my emails re-forward them to myself before leaving, so I’d have them on my mobile device.  But sifting through emails while traveling is not a fun task.  Now I simply forward the confirmations as they come in, and TripIt handles the rest.  They make it easy to share information as well, so my wife can see (and modify, of course) our plans.

While TripIt is great at importing your confirmation information, they also provide an easy way to setup your own events.  This allows you to add any activities you want, complete with time, date and location.  They even integrate with Google Maps, so you can find your way without having to rely on someone else’s directions.

One of the best features of their service is the iPhone application.  Like the Trip It service, it’s amazing.  You can access your itineraries at any time, and view all of the information.  Checking into the hotel and need your confirmation number?  It’s right there.  Trying to remember how to get from your hotel to an activity?  Just use the Google Maps integration.  It’s view only, but gives you all of your travel information at your fingertips.  Plus you can use it as a reminder of your upcoming trips!

Don’t just travel, TripIt!

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