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Happy Birthday

May 15th, 2017

So today is my birthday. I’m officially past the big 4-0. I haven’t done this in awhile, and am not fond of sharing personal info, but I’ve been wanting to get back to the blog and need to start somewhere…so here goes.

As time passes, I realize a quote from one of my favorite movies really rings true: “There’s no normal life, there’s just life. Get on with it.” (Tombstone, 1993) Life is far different than when I last posted 7 years ago. During that time, my kids have grown tremendously, I’ve had huge personal changes and I’ve learned that there really is no such thing as a normal life. You can choose to be happy, sad, angry, oblivious or anything in between. It is your choice. We have all made decisions; some we are happy with and others that we want a mulligan. But in the end, life really is what you make of it.

Ok, that’s enough. We have a busy summer ahead! With 5 kids to coordinate (elementary to high school age), it gets crazy. The summer camp schedule alone is nuts: band camp, church camp, choir camp, Boy Scout camp, diabetic camp, marching camp. We are also taking a huge road trip to Yellowstone, which has been in the planning stages for at least 6 months. Our summers (and lives in general) seem to get busier every year, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Life is what you make of it and we are going to have fun!

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